Legend of Gavan's Palaces


1000,00 kn / 137,00 € per person in groups of 2

600,00 kn / 82,00 € per person for groups in 3

500,00 kn / 68,00 € per person for larger groups


Get ready for the unique experience that takes you to the walk through the city of Skradin, includes a boat sail over Prukljan, and gives you excitement with domestic lunch/dinner specialties of our region that will be carefully selected and prepared for you in Prukljan’s tavern Dobre.

Skradin (ancient Scardona) writes its own history back from the period of Liburnians and Romans. The whole old town is a protected cultural monument, inside which are houses dating from the 18th and 19th century.

Boat ride over Prukljan gulf is specific because the water is due to reaching the sea mixed between brackish on the surface and salty at the bottom.

In the gulf, you will be able to see a small island Stipanac is located, where the ruins of the ancient church are visible. Once upon a time there was a gravel road that connected the island to the shore, that path is still visible today during the low tides. Driving towards Stipanac, our guide will narrate the legend of Gavan’s palaces and the history of this small islet.

We continue our boat ride and arrive in Guduća, the natural ornithological reserve where you can find more than 206 different species of birds.

Lunch/dinner including local specialties of Skradin and surrounding area will be prepared by your friendly hosts in the beautiful tavern “Dobre” on the coast of the Prukljan gulf. You will be greeted, of course, with a welcome drink, so you have to only relax and enjoy in beautiful Skradin idyll.

After lunch/dinner, we sail back to Skradin.

The price includes:

  • Welcome drink in Skradin

  • Boat ride and fuel

  • Experienced guide

  • Traditional lunch in the tavern with one drink

  • Dessert

  • Insurance                                                                                                   


Welcome drink

Salted anchovies

Fried smelts
White grilled fish with vegetables


One drink


Welcome drink

Ham, cheese, olives

Homemade soup
Grilled meat with salad


One drink