Meet Skradin


700,00 kn / 96,00 € per person for groups of 2

600,00 kn / 82,00 € per person for groups of 3

450,00 kn / 62,00 € per person for larger groups


We take you to unique walk through the ancient Scardona, romantic small town where the river Krka meets the Adriatic Sea. Skradin is a city with narrow tiled streets, alleys, arches and stairs while the whole old town core is a protected cultural monument.

Our journey begins at Square of Blessed Virgin, which is surrounded by the city government building, rectory and the church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or as the locals would say "Little Lady". The church was built in the late baroque style. One of Skradin’s main places of interest is kampanel (bell tower), not raised as usually by the church Nativity of Mary. Due to its weight, it was built on the closest cliff in the year 1872. by Skradin’s bishop Anthony Stephen Trevisana and we can consider it a symbol of this city. Entering the rectory, we shall see a rich collection of the works of art.

On the Square of Blessed Virgin, first we see the sculpture, and then very close to it the house of Lujo Marun from Skradin, also called the father of the Croatian archaeology. The secret of the ancient Skradin is hidden in the harmony of good strategic position, soil fertility, river and sea depths, as well as the remarkable beauty of the landscape. The Orthodox church of St. Spiridon, was built in 1876. and is recognizable by the iconostasis from the 18th century. From the other churches in Skradin we have church of saint Jeronimo- the patron saint of Skradin and the church of saint Petka- both are in the centre of the city. On the streets of Skradin you will find a pleasant atmosphere of the small Dalmatian town, especially during the traditional meeting of Skradin choir (a capella singing typical for Croatian Adriatic) or the feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Together we walk to the medieval fortress of the governor Paul Šubić of Bribir, also called Turina, which was built during the reign of the governor Paul Šubić at the site of the old Liburnian ruins. Take a seat on the stone fence and look where you are... hold your breath and enjoy one of the most spectacular views which spreads all the way from the bay Rokovača, the ACI marina till the new bridge built on the highway where is the restaurant and belvedere Krka.

Peaceful coasts of Skradin will probably not reveal on first sight the secret of its city and gastronomic culture which is more than two thousand years old. Skradin is simply magical in his every detail. This magic is reflected in domestic and traditional food, which contains the culinary influences from his attackers and invaders - Romans, French, Austrians, Venetians, Turks. Jet set and the highest-class companies spread the rumours about fine wines and great food coming from Skradin area, so you simply should make sure if it’s true.

We take you to the traditional Skradin lunch.

Delicacies from the past you should not miss:

  • Skradinski risotto - carefully cooked up to 12 hours, according to tradition, the Skradin risotto is prepared only by men.

  • Ćokalice - small fish which live between the upper part of sweet water of the river Krka and the lower part of salty sea water.

  • Peka - Skradin is known for preparing the dishes “under the bell”. It covers the food, and bell is strewed from above with the flame and hot leach. The meal keeps its sappiness, yet has a specific taste; neither cooked or baked.

  • Skradin cake - a delicacy made of almonds, walnuts and honey which was considered mandatory for the newly-weds in their first wedding night.

  • In addition to traditional dishes and local wines, you will enjoy the magnificent view to Skradin marina from the restaurant terrace.

Included in the price:

  • Skradin tour accompanied by the licensed guide

  • Welcome drink and traditional Skradin lunch

  • Promotional materials

  • Insurance

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