Wine tasting with Marko Sladić


Tasting A1: 100,00 kn / 13,50 € 

Tasting A2: 187,50 kn / 25,00 € 

Tasting B: 250,00 kn / 33,50 € 


Tastings include professional presentation of all winery products presented by the winemaker himself.


  • Tastings A - Pairing wine and snacks

    • Tasting A1: Combination of three different sorts of wine (Debit, Maraština, Plavina) along with cheese snacks

    • Tasting A2: Combination of six different sorts of wine (Debit, Maraština, Plavina, Rose, Lasin, Maraština barrique) along with cheese snacks


  • Tasting B - Domestic peka with a glass of wine of your choice

    • Domestic soup, peka (meat or octopus), salad, 0,2 l of wine of your choice, one cake for free

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